About Suzanne

Working in the high tech field in Silicon Valley gave me the thrill of being on the cutting edge of exciting technology, the opportunity to work with brilliant people, endless learning and a good income. It also took from me.  Time became a distant friend and thinking and worrying about the next meeting or deadline became my primary focus. As a project manager my goals were driven by the company’s bottom line and my personal values and dreams were buried under corporate demands.

So, after 17 years, I walked away and began exploring and studying the creative process.   I left Silicon Valley and moved to the Central Coast of California.    I inspired, co-created and published Color Me Wonderful, a Coloring Book and Journal for Women©.  I became a SoulCollage® Facilitator guiding participants through an intuitive, creative and transformative process.

In 2004 I decided to become a Life Coach.   I was trained and received my certification from the Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco and I have a private practice in the East Bay area of San Francisco.   I remain intrigued and passionate about the coaching process.  I continue to find it a privilege to work with amazing women who honor who they are and who they are becoming by embracing clarity, choice and change.

“Thank you for your extraordinary gifts of insight, compassion and common sense.” – Mary Jo

I am also an Administrator and Assistant to Faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute (in the Depth Psychology program) and for the Marion Woodman Foundation Intensives.

“Suzanne’s gift of relatedness and her expertise as a Professional Life Coach made her an invaluable asset to the teaching team and to students – offering both psychological insights and coaching support.” – Dorothy Anderson,  Adjunct Faculty, Pacifica Graduate Institute Core Faculty, Marion Woodman Foundation

I believe in the transformative power of coaching and I embrace the principle and tools of the process in my personal life.  I have come to know that we are the sum of our experiences and so much more.