My name is Suzanne. I am a Personal and Professional Life Coach and I am passionate about coaching women in midlife who want to live more authentic lives at home, work and play.

Midlife is not just about our age.

Midlife is when we stand in the middle and notice that there is more than either/or.    A time when we realize that life is not black or white but a rainbow of colors.  A time when we get to own who we are and who we are becoming through empowered choice.

Midlife is an invitation to live our most authentic lives.

An authentic life is a life that reflects our values, knowledge, life experience and our gifts and talents. When we live authentically we feel grounded and in alignment with our values, personality, character, and spirit. There is less confusion and more clarity.  We feel empowered to make choices that honor who we are and who we are becoming.  Clarity, choice and change are the keys to living an authentic life.


Clarity is the first and most important step towards positive choice and change. We are bombarded with information and ideas everywhere we turn and before we know it our minds feel cluttered and we can’t see beyond our electronic devices. Our vision is clouded, our days are flying by and we’ve lost sight of what is true for us. 

I invite you contact me for a no fee Sample Session; a first step towards clarity, choice and change.